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November 28, 2008

Download Microsoft Windows Vista ULTIMATE x86 SP1 Integrated October 2008 OEM DVD BIE Multilingual

According to Microsoft, Windows Vista has hundreds of new features, the most significant of which include an updated graphical user interface and visual style dubbed Windows Aero,improved searching features, new multimedia creation tools such as Windows DVD Maker, and completely redesigned networking, audio, print, and display sub-systems. Vista also aims to increase the level of communication between machines on a home network using peer-to-peer technology, making it easier to share files, password settings, and digital media between computers and devices. For developers, Vista introduces version 3.0 of the .NET Framework, which aims to make it significantly easier for developers to write high-quality applications than with the traditional Windows API. The Windows Communication Foundation feature which supports web services is aimed at improving networking and application integration for business and corporate users

Published by BiE on Oct 28th, BIE continues with the monthly update of the Windows Vista Ultimate OEM. This includes all the updates that have been released up to and including October. This passes all the WGA checks and sometimes you are even able to update without any consequences (ie: it still passes validation after Windows Update) so this is probably the best way to download Windows Vista Ultimate. Enjoy!

: The most comprehensive edition of Windows Vista, Windows Vista Ultimate (DVD-ROM) is the first operating system that combines all of the advanced infrastructure features of a business-focused operating system, all of the management and efficiency features of a mobility-focused operating system, and all of the digital entertainment features of a consumer-focused operating system.

Heres the download link: DOWNLOAD

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