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December 5, 2008

Download iZotope OzoneMP 1.0 For Winamp

Put simply, Ozone makes music sound better. As a plug-in, it adds warmth, bass, sparkle and an overall desirable sound to your MP3s. Unlike other "enhancers", it does so by modeling the analog characteristics of vintage audio equipment such as tube amplifiers and valve equalizers. So instead of sounding harsh and hollow, your music sounds deep and full. The main benefit comes from the internal signal processing in Ozone that makes your music sound great. But Ozone goes far beyond other "enhancers" by giving you the power and control to completely customize the sound.

Shape the overall response of the sound with a completely customizable visual equalizer displayed on a real-time spectrum.

Adjust the warmth and low end punch to your music with tube compressor controls. Use the simple mode or the advanced mode. Either way you can season the bass to taste.

You have a completely customizable room simulator that lets you put your music in a great sounding natural listening space. Control how big the sound is, how bright the room is, and even how wide apart the walls are.

MP3s and older recordings can sound muffled and dull when played back on standard systems. Analog modeling lets you restore the sparkle and fidelity of the original recordings.

Whether you're listening on a laptop, headphones, or a good speaker system, Ozone lets you enhance the width and imaging of your recordings. You can bring out the fullness of your music with tube amplifier controls. Just adjust one control to bring out all the things you've been missing in your music. Make it louder without distorting. Or just bring out the subtle dynamics of your music. It's your choice.

Ozone makes it easy to customize the sound for your listening taste, but we realize that there are people who don't care to tweak settings. Ozone gives you access to over two hundred additional presets, from general enhancement to special effects to artist specific settings. From Ace of Base to ZZ Top and everything in between, it all just sounds good.

For those who like to tweak, Ozone gives you control of over 30 parameters to shape your sound. Whether you're DJ'ing live, Shoutcasting, making CDs, or just listening at your PC, you can create custom presets for any situation.

Ozone has a lot of power and functionality. Don't know where to start? Ozone comes with an extensive help system with a Quick Start, Tips and Tricks, and full explanations of all the controls you now have available to you. A lot of power, but still easy to use.

Ozone can automatically load a preset when specific songs are played. Forget about play lists where each song sounds louder or softer or bassier than the previous one. With Ozone you can make it all just flow together. *Note: This feature is only available when using Ozone with QCD, Winamp 2 & 5


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