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December 2, 2008

The secrets of wireless Hacking

The definitive guide to penetrating and defending wireless networks. Straight from the field, this is the definitive guide to hacking wireless networks. Authored by world-renowned wireless security auditors, this hands-on, practical guide covers everything you need to attack -- or protect -- any wireless network.

The authors introduce the 'battlefield,' exposing today's 'wide open' 802.11 wireless networks and their attackers. One step at a time, you'll master the attacker's entire arsenal of hardware and software tools: crucial knowledge for crackers and auditors alike. Next, you'll learn systematic countermeasures for building hardened wireless 'citadels''including cryptography-based techniques, authentication, wireless VPNs, intrusion detection, and more.

Coverage includes:

* Step-by-step walkthroughs and explanations of typical attacks
* Building wireless hacking/auditing toolkit: detailed recommendations, ranging from discovery tools to chipsets and antennas
* Wardriving: network mapping and site surveying
* Potential weaknesses in current and emerging standards, including 802.11i, PPTP, and IPSec
* Implementing strong, multilayered defenses
* Wireless IDS: why attackers aren't as untraceable as they think
* Wireless hacking and the law: what's legal, what isn't


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