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December 15, 2008

Download DJ Mixstation 3

Nah...sekarang kita maen download-downloadan ya? :p
Yang senang ama mix-mixan music aku punya softwarenya, kalau kamu mau, tinggal di download aja ya?
sebelumnya ini review dari software DJ Mixstation ini:

DJ Mixstation 3 offers state-of-the-art mixing tools for the DJ who wants to work & mix at home. This easy to use software application lets you pick up and play - while including a host of professional features that real DJs use!

Product Features
* Automatic mixing engine & Sample engine allows you to record or load loops on the fly and play them in real time over your current mix
* Network Sychronization lets you run multiple windows of DJ Mixstation 3, to mix with as many decks as you can handle
* Add a world of effects quickly & easily with the new Effect Library
* Vinyl scratching -- you can now use your webcam or mouse to scratch like on real vinyl
* Record directly to MP3 or WAV. or burn directly to CD

So what you waiting for?? take it :p
You can download it HERE

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